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Well I just received some great news. My book, The Living Rainbow, will be out in 12 days!! It’s a children’s book about our chakra system and our eternal connection with God. It unites eastern and western philosophies and reinforces the importance of looking at Life with the innocence of a child. 

There is a psychology that goes along with our chakras that isn’t mentioned in the mainstream “spa” world. And I absolutely hate the term, New Age.( I know I shouldn’t say hate. I dislike with great intensity!) People with money, curiosity and good intentions think that it’s super cool to go get a massage and have your chakras opened and/or balanced. What the client/patient and many practitioners do not know (mainly because they have never been taught) is that if you go around opening chakras of people who don’t know thyself or have reached a healthy understanding of their own, personal life’s experiences, you could be opening Pandora’s Box. Each chakra vibrationally corresponds with major life themes that are inherent in ALL of us no matter where we come from. These life themes mold us into who we are, or at least who we think we are. Opening energetic vortices is only going to enhance what is already there. Good becomes great, bad becomes worse, and indifferent becomes numb.  I will go into this subject in more detail at a later date. I teach an 8 hour workshop on this very topic. Our emotions, our feelings are our divine barometer and allow us to recognize how far or close we are to feeling love, inspiration.  Most of us bury our feelings and unknowingly struggle with pure honesty within ourselves.  Myself included.  But that’s why we are, right? To learn? What keeps from embracing this honesty? Fear. For any ACIM students who may be reading, this is a huge question of mine that has kept me up many a night- “If ACIM teaches that there is no energy and that energy is only part of this illusion, just like everything else, then why do I feel so connected to it and how do I justify creating a career around it with my writing, massage, bodywork, chakra workshops, reiki and all other healing modalities like the Reconnection?” I have spent the last 9 years praying on this question, although my wording has changed a bit. Eighteen days ago I received my answer. Spirit informed me that energy is the friction caused by material vibration, whether it be molecular, atomic or subatomic or quantum. In order to create a vibration, there must be space. That space in between is where the stillness lies. Be still and know that I AM GOD.- psalm 46-10. ACIM teaches that the HOLY SPIRIT is the part of the mind that lies between the ego and the SOUL, mediating between them ALWAYS in favor of the Soul. So, if I want to be so hung up on vibration and energy, look at it this way- matter, ego, our physical body is of lower vibration and our higher self, our spirit self is of higher vibrations. As we ascend, continuously raising in vibration we will reach a point where there is no more friction, no more material. Only God. Never changing. The alpha and the omega. Where the end is the beginning and the beginning is the end. ONENESS. As satisfying as an answer as that was, my brain continued…and then Spirit spoke again- But in order to recognize this ascension, there is a reconciliation that simultaneously occurs between ego mind and spirit MIND. ANd that reconciliation is basically the ego’s attempt and ability to let go of the theories of time and space as we know it, as ego knows it. Although this is gradually making more and more sense to me, as I learn and reconcile and release the blockages of my ego mind, I am simultaneously being comforted by the invisible hands of divinity for all of the years of depression I initially felt when I started off on this course. My ego’s futile attempt to hold me in this material bondage. Fear is what fuels ego. SO the only questions that remain are “What am I afraid?” Again I heard the benevolent whisper of the Holy Spirit- “Don’t ask that question if you don’t have the guts to learn the answer.”


I don’t know why people claim their prayers are not answered. They are ALWAYS answered. But being given the answer isn’t going to have as lasting effect than when you actually have to learn the answer. I read somewhere once, “How dare we be so arrogant to think that WE know better than God!” We all are home, it’s just our recognition of “being home” is what differs.

excerpt from The Living Rainbow – “Each one of us is different. We should respect each person’s path. All lakes and rivers lead to the ocean, so no judgement should we pass. Namaste is a sanskrit word, which might sound different & fun.  It means there is a Light in you and a Light in me and together we are one.”